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Our purpose is to help you reach your highest attainable level of health so you can live a long—and happy—life.

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Dedicated To Serve You

Our practice is designed to support your body and your mind, complementing existing therapies and finding leading edge solutions for when traditional medicine fails.

 Our team of doctors have decades of experience treating chronic illness and pain, and are continually seeking new ways to improve athletic performance and roll back the effects of aging.

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Our System Is Tried And Tested

Get back to living the lifestyle you've always wanted, not the one your health has dictated to you!

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Our Patients Are Family

We are committed to serve you. Hear what our patients have to say about us!

Dr. Petersen has given me hope that this isn't my swan song, that I will be able to find the right cure and be able to live an amazing life. I know he cares about me and all of his patients.


Dr. Petersen truly is the best doctor my husband and I have ever met! We love how he explains diagnosis and treatment options with such knowledge and understanding.


His cutting-edge treatment of my hormone imbalance and thyroid disease helped me to regulate both my thyroid disease and hormone imbalance. I saw a marked improvement in my energy and mood. Dr. Petersen is easy to talk to and is very thorough in both diagnosing and treating. He is interested in you as a person and doesn’t just put you in the standard medical treatment box.

Dr. Allen
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Two of a Kind

We have locations in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Provo, Utah, both equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative specialists waiting to help you reach your full potential.

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WholeHealth Locations
WholeHealth Anti Aging

Chronic Illness

Those who suffer from chronic illness live in a state in which the body suffers from improper function and imbalance in multiple body systems.

The result is a myriad of symptoms well known to those with chronic illness, and the reason so many chronic illnesses present similarly. Fixing individual symptoms does nothing to address the core cause of chronic illness.

At WholeHealth, we seek to strike to the root of chronic illness to relieve symptoms and alleviate suffering.

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WholeHealth Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health coaches assist individuals to see the value in reaching their health-related goals and building a true connection between exercise and activities of daily living. 

A health coach will empower you to take ownership of your experience and create positive, lasting lifestyle changes that will enhance what you do in everyday life.

The goal of health coaching is to help you create the best version of YOU by activating the strengths you already have within yourself and creating new one

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WholeHealth Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

At WholeHealth, we’ve developed a new kind of recovery program – one that focuses on bringing the body and brain into harmony, while eliminating the drives and imbalances that lead to repeated negative behaviors and addiction.

Our 3-step program provides nourishing support for the body and helps to minimize the effects of withdrawal during the detox process; then creates a complete framework for lasting recovery that encourages physical and psychological health and a relapse free future.

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WholeHealth Chronic Illness Treatment


What if, instead of treating merely symptoms and side effects of the aging process, the causes of aging themselves were treated? Life as we know it could be changed forever.

Instead of an all-too-short childhood followed in rapid succession by young adulthood, maturity, middle age, and a rapid descent into a lingering twilight filled with aches and pains, a vibrant and active life could be pursued throughout the “golden years”..

At WholeHealth, we are committed to fighting the effects of aging and promoting lengthened, enjoyable lifespans.

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WholeHealth Pain Mitigation

Pain Mitigation

Chronic pain patients are often under or over treated, ignored, or criminalized, without regard for their comfort, overall well-being, or future.

At WholeHealth, it is our mission to find real, long lasting, practical, and pragmatic ways to deal with chronic pain.

Our goal is to help relieve pain in the most effective way possible, while still looking to the future and the long-term effects of the treatment chosen.

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Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicine

While traditional medicine can only do so much, turning away from recommended treatment completely is often inadvisable.

Instead, finding therapy methods that complement traditional medicine can lead to better management of many chronic conditions.

At Whole Health, we create personalized health programs that build on accepted and evidence based treatments, adding nutrition, herbal, vitamin, and supplemental options as well as leading edge innovative treatments to help patients feel better and regain their normal lifestyle.

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our philosophy

The Three Pillars Of Our Practice

A holistic approach to health is your best chance of achieving optimum wellness.



Your body is a carefully designed machine. When one part isn’t working correctly, it affects all the rest – and the imbalances feed each other creating illness and paving the way for disease. We treat your body based on your own unique biology.



Your physical health, mental health, and emotional state of wellbeing are all interconnected. When your body and mind are out of sync, it can be hard to function. We help you learn self-guidance through psychology and understanding.



How you interact with those around you affects your quality of life. Creating positive patterns in your own life lets you be a positive force in other lives, and helps you accept positive feedback. We encourage you to live fully.


Health Hacks and News

Our blog brings you the latest in news, innovations, and patient stories. Discover the WholeHealth Way.

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